Fun Zim Ride
... a crazy charity cycle ride
for Zimbabwe ...
Richard Pantlin

The Ride & Practicalities

The 600 km ride will start in the Matopos Nature reserve outside Bulawayo - a place of spiritual significance for locals for centuries. It also inspired Cecil Rhodes who is buried there. The ride will pass by Great Zimbabwe ruins outside Masvingo – the ancient capital of one of the largest sub-Saharan empires ever known with its unique stone tower and fortifications and from which the country derives its name. It will pass through Harare and end in Kutama to the north west where the leader of the liberation movement, Robert Mugabe, was born, educated by Jesuits and then taught.

We will arrange food and water supplies at locations en route. Food and equipment will be delivered from Jo’burg in advance. We will stay with supporters where possible. We will also be carrying camping equipment and will either camp in the bush or in police compounds. Two off-duty police officers will accompany us and between them pull a trailer for supplies.

In April the rainy season will be over and the temperature cooling. This should reduce the risks from malaria and cholera. Cholera inoculations will be taken in advance.

We plan to complete the ride into Harare on Independence Day, 18th April.

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The inspiration
The ride & practicalities
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